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Sacred Sex Magic

Ecstasy.  Boundaries.  Attraction.  Sensuality.  Desire.

Our sacred sexuality is a birthright beyond the ability to procreate, as a source of incredible joy and sometimes frustration.  We welcome all the pieces of our sexual selves in the gorgeous paradox of being broken and whole.  Together we will awaken or refresh a deep relationship with our unique sexual life force.  We seek to know our own sex energy intimately in order to bring it fully into the world, through relationships and magic.

Working with sexual energy can challenge us on many levels and willingness to participate fully is important — however, please know that you will not be asked to sexually interact with another. Please be pagan friendly and comfortable with creating sacred space and working with guided meditation or trance.  We welcome adults of all genders and orientations.

This work will presented in a series of three weekend workshops.

Presenters: Dawn Isidora and Ravyn Stanfield.

Dates:  March 22nd & 23rd;  April 19th & 20th;  May 17th & 18th:

Time: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM all days

Cost: $450 – $600 sliding scale. Or $400 if paid in full by March 15th.

Where: NE Portland

Contact: Dawn at: or 503.750.1394

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Self Awareness

Ethereal Anatomy: Exploring the Soul’s Triple Aspect

Our souls function on three different but related levels: our Primal–soul gathers and distributes physical energy; our Communicative–soul gathers and distributes knowledge; our God–soul aligns us with ourself and all the other God–souls.  In this weekend workshop, we will explore these three aspects of ourselves and learn techniques for alignment.

Creating Personal Ritual

The love of ritual is anchored deep within our souls.  Whether it is one of life’s more noted rites of passage or a smaller more personal need, the ability to create ritual for ourselves and loved ones is an art worth knowing.  Creating altars and sacred space, release work and raising energy, devotion and gratitude are some of the aspects of ritual covered in this weekend workshop that culminates in a personal ritual creation.



Sacred Sex Magic (a three–part training co–developed with Ravyn Stanfield)

Our sacred sexuality is a birthright, a source of incredible joy and sometimes frustration. We welcome all the pieces of our sexual selves in the gorgeous paradox of being broken and whole. Together we will awaken and refresh a deep relationship with our unique sexual life force. We seek to know our own sex energy intimately in order to bring it fully into the world, inspiring our relationships and magic.

Working with sexual energy can challenge us on many levels, and willingness to participate fully is important – however, please know that you will not be asked to sexually interact with your classmates or teachers. Please be comfortable with creating sacred space and working with guided meditation or trance. We welcome adults of all genders and orientations.

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Reclaiming Leadership (co–developed w/Lilith)

Through heightened  self awareness, appropriate use of consensus and skilled facilitation, a style of leadership is possible that results in highly effective group functioning.  In this series of experiential workshops, we will practice presenting, giving and receiving effective feedback, methods of facilitation, and exploring our personal relationship with leadership and power.

Integrated Leadership: Experiential Training for Women (w/Ravyn Stanfield)

There is another way.  The innate power of the feminine is as ancient as the Earth herself.  Imagine accessing that primal source of wisdom and leadership within yourself and being able to effectively embody and communicate that power in the world.  As we step into ever greater realms of responsibility and visibility, what are the resources we draw upon?  With self awareness, personal practice and learned techniques, we can uncover and expand upon our own authentic authority.

Join us on this experiential journey to develop personal power, intuition, charisma, facilitation, mentorship and presentation skills.  We will explore shadow issues around conflict, self promotion, confidence and money, and work to transform those patterns that no longer serve us.  From curriculum development to staying grounded in difficult situations, from marketing to giving constructive feedback, we will build the foundation to evolve more fully as a leader.  We will work together as collaborators and allies to support each other’s leadership paths.


Reclaiming Core Classes

Elements Of Magic

We embody the sacred Elements of Earth, Air, Fire Water and Spirit and They are all around us.  We breathe in Air and focus our vision.  We stoke the Fires of creativity and hone our will.  We dip below the surface of the Water to dream and dive deep into mystery.  With feet firmly planted on this good rich Earth, we choose what to manifest and what to release.  As we come into alignment, we experience connection with Spirit.

This is the first of the core Reclaiming classes; in it we will focus on renewing and strengthening our relationships with the Elements, introducing the new practitioner to the basics in practicing magic and inviting the more experienced practitioner into the specifics of the Reclaiming Tradition.  We will explore and develop ritual skills and practices including: creating sacred space, sensing and working with energy, trancework, spellcrafting and divination.

Six classes (or weekend intensive)

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage focuses on dreams, myths, and language, using traditional and non–traditional tales and techniques to create a personal rite of passage. Through storytelling, trance, release work and dreams we receive our challenge(s), meet our helpers, work through our blocks and emerge renewed, reborn.

Six classes (or weekend intensive), culminating with a ritual created by the students.

Prerequisite: Elements of Magic

Iron Pentacle

We embody the Iron Pentacle points of Sex, Pride, Self, Power and Passion, reclaiming them as our birthright.  Using trance, magic and ritual, we will experience the connections between these points and what can happen when the points become out of balance.  We will access the individual points of the pentacle using techniques that include guided meditation, art, creativity, song, movement, and sacred play.  Learning to balance the Iron Pentacle within ourselves, we claim self awareness as our most potent magical tool.  Stir the cauldron of Life Force Energy and savor the essence of your Authentic Self.

Six classes (or weekend intensive)

Prerequisite: Elements of Magic

Pearl Pentacle

The Pearl Pentacle points of Love, Law, Knowledge, Liberty and Wisdom are sometimes described as emanations of the Iron Pentacle corresponding points of Sex, Pride, Self, Power and Passion.  (All of which align to the elemental Pentacle of: Spirit, Fire, Air, Earth and Water.)  Just as we access the Iron Pentacle through our Primal–self, the Pearl Pentacle is accessed through our communicative–self.  When all points are clear and aligned the god–soul is most readily engaged.

Six classes (or weekend intensive)

Prerequisites: Elements of Magic and Iron Pentacle

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