“ Community is the guru of the future.”
~ attributed to Thich Nhat Hanh

When we come together in small groups we have opportunities to share our own hard won wisdom as well as learn from one another in a peer setting.  Groups give us a place to practice being grounded and present while interacting with others and honing communication skills.   As a trained facilitator and mediator, I guide group discussions and exercises designed to uncover personal insights as we build community.

Self Recognition and Acceptance

We will work with issues of self awareness, accepting and loving ourselves as we are while holding the paradoxical value of personal growth.

Path and Practice

We will discuss our spiritual paths and help one another to find practices that work with our complex modern lives.

Sacred Sexuality

We will explore our relationship to our own sexuality in the context of cultural expectations and our own authentic edges.

Reclaiming Leadership and Power

As collaborators and allies, we will work together to support each other’s leadership paths to develop personal power, intuition, charisma, facilitation, mentorship and presentation skills, as well as explore shadow issues around conflict, self promotion, confidence and money.

Aligned Communication

When our hearts, souls and minds are in alignment we speak with both power and compassion.  In this group we will practice speaking and witnessing one another’s truth with an ear towards improving our communication style.

Pagan Parents

It really does take a village to raise a child.  In this (adults only, but nursing infants okay) group we will share strategies, laughter  and hints for how to get through those difficult stages: infancy through university.



Who: All groups are open to adults of all genders, orientations and spiritual leanings.

When: Groups begin as soon as a minimum of six participants sign up and and run for 10 weeks.

Where: All groups meet in SE Portland (Mt. Tabor neighborhood).

Cost: $20/session

Please contact me for more information, or for more specific directions.

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