Spiritual Mentorship

“Who is this flower above me and what is the work of this God?

I would know myself and all my parts.”

~ Feri Traditional Prayer ~

“I Would Know Myself…”

The journey begins with self awareness.  We are beautiful and complex beings.  I use the framework of the five sacred Elements: Air (thought & intellect), Fire (will & creativity), Water (emotion & sub–conscious), Earth (home & livelihood), and Spirit (connection & integration) as a tool to help uncover your soul’s unique blueprint.

Building Relationships with Mystery

Many people yearn to feel a connection to their ancestors, god(s), and spiritual allies, but are unsure about how to forge these relationships.  Using trance and simple mindfulness practices, we can explore ways to connect with those who love you beyond all reason.

Strengthening Intuition

Sometimes called the 6th sense, most of us are born with a stronger sense of intuition than we realize.  As with any ability, with some coaching and lots of practice, we can bring your intuitive awareness into better focus.

Path and Practice

In the bustle of daily life, we often find ourselves disconnected from our deeper sense of meaning and purpose.  At times, all it takes is a shift in perspective to find the majesty of spirit at the core of our lives.  Other times we will need to build new habits and practices.  Just as daily exercise keeps our bodies fit and and kind gestures keep our relationships thriving, regular practice keeps our spirits in alignment.  Drawing from a variety of spiritual traditions, I can help you put together a practice that fits your needs, beliefs and life.

Integrating Life Transitions

Sometimes changes in life can feel as though we have been pulled off our path or out of our practice.  These moments can offer deep wells of wisdom for us to draw from if only we will listen.

Sacred Sexuality

From ancient Sumer to King Solomon, to Rumi, to Hildegard Von Bingen, to Leonard Cohen, poets have written of the ecstasy and power of connection.  This desire for union, divine in origins is very human in execution.  Reclaiming the sacred in our sex lives, whether we are partnered or solo, begins with acknowledging our birthright as sexual beings.  I have experience in working with people of all genders, orientations and backgrounds to uncover their authentic self and enjoy their lives more fully.  (Please note that these explorations are metaphysical, emotional and even intellectual in nature – we will not physically interact.)




Our work together is completely confidential. I have colleagues with whom I consult from time to time, but never divulge names or specifics, unless I have your express permission to do so.


To schedule an appointment please contact me.
I meet with clients out of my SE Portland home or via telephone.  Skype appointments are also available.  I have a 24 hour cancellation policy; if you do not call ahead to cancel, you will be charged for that time.


I charge a sliding scale of $60 – $120 per session.  A session is typically one hour.
Payment is due at the time of the appointment.  I accept cash and personal checks.  A paypal account is available for phone and skype appointments.

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