“Sessions with Dawn were vital in supporting my decision to quit my second job and make the leap to successful self employment. Dawn's style of spiritual mentorship is masterful, relevant and deeply intuitive. If you are considering a life change or struggling with a transition, I recommend that you stop deliberating and call her immediately!”
–RS, Acupuncturist

“Dawn has been my spiritual mentor for 9 years. Each time I sit down to talk to Dawn, I feel a wave of relief. I know that I will be listened to, respected and challenged. Through my work with Dawn, I have been developing a graceful way to actively engage surrender and will that is at once authentic and compassionate. Working with Dawn has helped me build trust in myself and shed behaviors, beliefs and attitudes that no longer suit me.”
–NP, public health educator

“The spiritual mentoring which Dawn offered me in a decade of my life when huge changes took place has been a significant support to me. Using her practical insight, wisdom, and humor Dawn helped me access the inner resources unique to my spiritual
craft. Through Dawn's teaching I have been able to deepen the ancestral and god/goddess connections for grounding and guidance in my life.”
–RC, yoga instructor & Jewish educator

“Working with Dawn was like having a fierce and gentle force by my side knowing exactly when to hold up the mirror for me and encourage me to hold it up for myself.”
–LS, clinical sexologist

“I find Dawn to be a wonderful spiritual mentor. She listens deeply, and offers insight and support with warmth, compassion and often humor. She really helped me regain my footing after a particularly challenging time in my life. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a smart and caring guide on their journey along their paths.”
– LA, Oriental Medicine student

“Dawn is smart, & experienced, empathic, understanding, and always helps me remember to keep my spiritual work grounded in my real life. I couldn 't have imagined a better mentor. Often in crisis, the first thing to go for me is my
spiritual practice – I get too busy, too upset, etc. Dawn is the first mentor I've had who consistently, and at the right time, helps me figure out how to use the spiritual tools I've spent years honing to support myself. What a difference that makes! Now, I am much more grounded in my daily life, and much closer to meeting my personal goals. I am grateful on a daily basis that I have Dawn as a resource for my spiritual practice, my parenting, and for when I just need some good, old–fashioned advice.”
– CJ, staff director of a large non–profit organization

“One of the many things that I love, admire and value about Dawn is the fact that she is incredibly grounded. She often speaks of her Capricorn ways and her earthy manner but what I have noticed most is her ability to turn on a dime. I have been in
classes, rituals, meetings, etc where there is a need for quick thinking and a quick shift and Dawn sees it before it even happens. She makes it look effortless, and the group trusts her and allows for the shift to happen. She is incredibly intuitive, skilled and lovely…..”
–DF, contracts manager for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

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